University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI)

CCSG Acknowledgement

Required CCSG Acknowledgement

The NCI requires that publications acknowledge the UPCI CCSG support, and they are tracking compliance. If a UPCI CCSG-supported Shared Resource provided data used in your publication, please include the following statement in the acknowledgment section of your publication(s):

"This project used the UPCI [insert name(s) of shared resource(s)] that [is/are] supported in part by award P30CA047904."

Shared Resource Directors: Please make sure to include this statement on all of your order forms, contracts, etc. as a reminder to your users to acknowledge the UPCI CCSG support.


Adenoviral/Retroviral Services

How do I place an order?

Before requesting adenovirus/retrovirus reagents, you must first register with the University of Pittsburgh Vector Core Facility. Your registration will be valid while you remain at the University of Pittsburgh.

For additional information on services and how to register, please contact Dr. Gambotto.

How long will it take to get my reagents?

Researchers can generally expect to have their order completed within seven business days after the order is received for stock items, in about two weeks for viral expansions, and up to six weeks for productions of novel viral products. If additional paperwork is required, or the order forms are incomplete, the order will be held until all outstanding issues are resolved.

How will I be billed for my reagents?

Charges will be approved by your administrator at the time of order and charged by IDC to your account.

Lentiviral Services

How do I obtain a Letter of Support from the VF for my grant application?

Contact the Facility Director.

What do I need to do to submit or modify my rDNA protocol to be able to obtain lentivirus from the VF?

Click here for an example form.