University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI)

Education and Training

UPCI Training Grants

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Training Grants are also referred to as Institutional National Research Service Awards (NRSAs), or “T32” or “T35” grants. These grants support pre-doctoral, post-doctoral, and short-term research training experiences in specified areas of biomedical, behavioral, and clinical research.

More information for faculty and staff applying for pre- and post-doctoral training grants and for potential research trainees looking for opportunities at the University of Pittsburgh can be found at the following site.

The chart below shows some of the current Training Grants held by UPCI investigators.

PIFunding AgencyProject Title
Bahar, IvetNIH/NIBIBIntegrated, Interdisciplinary, Inter-University PhD Program Computational Biology
Bartlett, David LNCIPostdoctoral Research Training In Biotherapy of Cancer
Bender, Catherine MNIH/NINRInterdisciplinary Training of Nurse Scientists in Cancer Survivorship Research
Defranco, Donald B.NIHPredoctoral Training in Pharmacological Sciences
DeLuca, NealNIHMolecular Microbial Persistance and Pathogenesis
Finn, Olivera NCI Training in Cellular & Molecular Mechanixms of Tumor Rejection
Grandis, JenniferNIHResearch Training in Otolaryngology
Grandis, JenniferNCIPostdoctoral Research Training in Head and Neck Oncology
Morel, PenelopeNIH/NIAIDAutoimmunity and Immunopathology Training Program
Ragni, MargaretNIH/NHLBITraining Students in Biomedical Research in Hematology
Reinhart, Todd ANIH/NIAIDPitt Aids Research Training Program
Shapiro, Steven DNIHMolecular Physiology of the Lung
Steinman, Richard NIH/NIGMSMedical Scientist Training Program
Studenski, StephanieNIHPitt Clinical Research Training- Geriatrics/Gerontolgy
Wang, ZhouNIH/NIDDKUniversity of Pittsburgh Urologic Training Program for Scientists
Whitcomb, DavidNIH/NIDDKDigestive Diseases Training Program
Wiley, ClaytonNIHMedical Scientist Training Program