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Lung Cancer Foundation of America (LCFA)

The Lung Cancer Foundation of America (LCFA) features many online videos from lung cancer experts on a wide range of topics involving lung cancer including advocacy, clinical trials, and early detection.

The Lung Cancer Foundation of America's mission is to save lives by dramatically increasing the five-year survival rates for all stages of lung cancer, the nation's leading cause of cancer deaths for both men and women.

Dr. Jill Siegfried, Principal Investigator of the SPORE in Lung Cancer, and Co-Director of the Lung Cancer Program, was interviewed by the American Association for Cancer Research for an article “Estrogen-Targeting Drug Combo May Help Prevent Lung Cancer”, published January 9, 2012. The article also appeared in US News and World Report - HEALTH as "Anti-Estrogen Treatment Shrank Lung Tumors in Mice", published January 9, 2012.