University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI)

Head and Neck Cancer SPORE


2014 Head & Neck SPORE meeting schedule

(All meetings occur on Mondays at 4p-5p in EEI 520 Boardroom unless otherwise noted)

09/24/14 Julie Bauman, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
University of Pittsburgh

Thomas Kensler, PhD
Professor Pharmacology and Chemical Biology
University of Pittsburgh

Title: “Green Chemoprevention in Head and Neck Cancer”
Time: 08:00 am
Location: The Herberman Conference Center
10/20/14 Yong Seok Park, PhD
Assistant Professor, Biostatistics
University of Pittsburgh
11/10/14 David A. Clump, MD, PhD
Department of Radiation Oncology
Title: “DNA damage response following ionizing radiation”
12/08/14 Robert P. Edwards, MD
Professor of Ob, Gyn and Women's Health
Title: “Applications of Immunotherapy in Ovarian Cancer”
01/12/15 Da Yang, PhD
Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
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