University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI)

Protocol Review Committee

Protocol Review Process

Prior to submitting your proposal involving cancer patients to the University of Pittsburgh Institutional Review Board (IRB), you must submit it to and receive approval from the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute Protocol Review Committee (UPCI PRC).

  1. The UPCI PRC meets twice per month to review new proposals. A copy of the schedule of meetings is available here.
  2. Complete a UPCI PRC Checklist Form and UPCI# CTMA form to submit with your new study.
  3. Your proposal should include the following:

    • Completed PRC checklist
    • Full, complete protocol and appendices
    • Summary or synopsis of protocol (optional)
    • Informed Consent form(s) (institution or sponsor's consent forms)
    • Investigational drug brochure
    • Investigator-initiated study, including biostatistical approval

  4. Submit all documents electronically to:

    Brandon Kaukus, BS
    Sr. Regulatory Specialist
    Clinical Research Services
    UPMC CancerCenter Pavilion
    5150 Centre Avenue, Suite 301
    Pittsburgh, PA 15232-1305
    Phone: 412-623-3376
    Fax: 412-648-6650

  5. Results of the UPCI PRC review will be sent to you approximately one week after the scheduled meeting.

The committee may request additional information or clarifications to questions generated at the meeting. Please provide a prompt response to the committee's comments so that your proposal can be approved quickly. Approval will not be granted until all questions/clarifications have been addressed and the committee has accepted the responses. Electronic submissions are preferred.

Protocols do not require an annual review by the UPCI PRC unless there are significant modifications to the study design.