Lung CCellsThe LCP works to improve the basic understanding of thoracic cancer biology and genetics and to apply this knowledge to translational research goals. The LCP has research strength in areas that comprise five major themes: (1) new therapeutic targets and novel therapeutic delivery; (2) inflammation and immune cells in lung cancer; (3) early detection/biomarkers for thoracic cancers; (4) genetic susceptibility to thoracic cancers; and (5) clinical studies.

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Research Themes:

New Therapeutic Target and Delivery

Defining molecular pathways that contribute to the development and progression of lung and thoracic malignancies

Inflammation and Immune Cells in Lung Cancer

Chronic lung inflammatory responses and the role of host immune response in reducing recurrence rates

Early Detection/Biomarkers

Biomarkers for early detection of lung and thoracic cancers

Genetic Susceptibility

Identifying genetic or carcinogen-induced mutations that lead to lung cancer

Clinical Studies

Investigator-initiated therapeutic clinical trials in lung cancer