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Research Funding Opportunities - Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I see the funding announcement?
To see a funding announcement, click on the red symbol in the View column (all the way to the right). Funding announcements are in .pdf format. You need to have a program on your computer that can read .pdf files. Download Adobe Reader for free at

Are the funding announcements in any particular order?
The announcements are listed in the order in which we added them to the website, with the most recently added announcement at the top. If you check the page on a regular basis, any new announcements can easily be found in the first few rows.

Can I see funding announcements in a different order?
Yes. If you want to see the announcements in alphabetical order, click on the column header “Title.” If you click on “Title” again, the announcements will be sorted in reverse alphabetical order. Similarly, you can sort by “Deadline.” To return the listings to the original order with the most recently posted items at the top, click on “Show newest first” (in the upper right part of the webpage).

Do you provide all the information I need to know about a grant?
No. The information provided on this website is not comprehensive. It is important that you always read the complete Guidelines and/or Request for Applications/Proposals provided by the funding agency. In most cases, the information provided on this website includes a link to the agency website, Guidelines, or RFA/RFP.

Why do you list some funding opportunities for which the deadline has passed?
When you see a deadline that is in the past, it means that some people can still apply for the grant, but some people have already missed a required deadline. For example, sometimes a School or Department at the University may have an internal deadline that only applies to individuals in that School or Department. If you are interested in a grant with a deadline in the past, read the funding announcement to see if you can still apply.

Can I suggest another funding opportunity for you to list on your website?
If you would like to suggest additional CANCER-RELATED funding opportunities, send an email with Funding Opportunity in the subject line to Please include the agency name, grant name, and website link. We will review suggestions to decide if they should be added to this website.