University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI)

New Pathogen Discovery (NPD)

MCV GenomeViral cancers provide unique opportunities for cancer treatment and prevention through development of antibody tests, antiviral therapy, and vaccines. At present, only seven established human tumor viruses are known, but numerous human cancers are suspected to have an infectious etiology that has not yet been identified. Discovery of each human tumor virus has spawned a new research field that has contributed to our understanding of infectious tumors and cancer biology.

This research theme, unique to UPCI, leverages UPCI researchers' established expertise in genomic technologies to identify new viral agents contributing to human cancer. NPD activity consists largely of collaborations between computational biologists and genomic research scientists. One recent success is the recent discovery of the Merkel Cell Polyoma Virus (MCV).

Selected Publications


Section Leader: Yuan Chang

Chang, Yuan, MD
Moore, Patrick, MD, MPH
Microbiology and Molecular Genetics