On November 5th, CEO Director Dr. Maryann Donovan was a guest on the Sterling Spin Radio program to discuss environmental exposures and human health effects with host Liz Sterling. A wide range of topics are discussed including the environmental and health effects of bottled water, plastics, Bisphenol A (BPA), and common chemicals in the home such as flame retardants and healthier choices. You can listen to the audio file in the player to the right, or download the file by right-clicking here.


USW, Others Call for Reform of Federal Toxic Chemical Law

Campaign Aims To Uncover Dangers In Cosmetics
Segment with Dr. Maryann Donovan on KDKA-TV - link no longer available


CEO Director Dr. Maryann Donovan was interviewed by In A Heartbeat, a health and medicine community TV show in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. The topic is “Healthy Choices - Healthy Lives” and the interview explores the connection between environment, health, and disease. Areas of discussion include exposures, health effects, and different choices you can make to reduce the risk of disease for you and your families. The interview is below.

In a Heartbeat: Healthy Choices-Healthy Lives from CEO-UPCI on Vimeo.