Dr. Lyn RobertsonDr. Lyn Robertson is the Associate Director of Cancer Community Outreach at the Center for Environmental Oncology at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (CEO-UPCI). She and her team partner with UPMC CancerCenter staff to develop effective collaborative and supportive relationships with underserved (uninsured/underinsured, minorities, elderly, homeless/transitional living centers, rural and mentally/physically challenged) communities in western PA. By understanding the needs and concerns of communities at risk, the team has developed tailored community-based programs for reducing the burden of cancer through improving cancer awareness, risk reduction and early detection. Examples of ongoing programs include: the Healthy Choices Program, providing education for grades 1-9 to students throughout Allegheny and surrounding counties; free lectures and workshops for audiences of all ages on risk reduction through healthy lifestyles that include weight management, sun safety, avoiding tobacco, good nutrition, exercise, and awareness of controllable environmental exposures; cancer screening programs; and strategies to improve access to health prevention and care through the use of professional and community-based navigators trained to identify and remove barriers.

Maryann Donovan, PhD, MPH

Maryann Donovan, PhD, MPHDr. Maryann Donovan is the Scientific Director at the Center for Environmental Oncology at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (CEO-UPCI) and the Associate Director for Research Administration at UPCI. Dr. Donovan, a cellular and molecular biologist trained in environmental science, has spent more than 30 years in academia. In her early research, she published the first studies demonstrating that a biological control agent, still used commercially to control insect pests, was not toxic for non-target species. Subsequently, as a human molecular geneticist, she studied the molecular regulation of hemoglobin switching, coagulation disorders and breast tumor metastasis. Most recently she has co-authored several epidemiology studies on exposures and health risk. She also co-directed the first cancer molecular diagnostic lab at the University of Pittsburgh/UPMC, developing and validating assays to improve cancer diagnosis.