CCSG Acknowledgement

Required CCSG Acknowledgement

The NCI requires that publications acknowledge the UPCI CCSG support, and they are tracking compliance. If a UPCI CCSG-supported Shared Resource provided data used in your publication, please include the following statement in the acknowledgment section of your publication(s):

"This project used the UPCI [insert name(s) of shared resource(s)] that [is/are] supported in part by award P30CA047904."

Shared Resource Directors: Please make sure to include this statement on all of your order forms, contracts, etc. as a reminder to your users to acknowledge the UPCI CCSG support.

Core Developed Assay Datasheet

Core Developed Assay Datasheet

Analyte: IGFBP-1

Assay Conditions: Serum samples require a 1:5 dilution.

Cross Reactivity

The antibody pair is highly specific and displays insignificant cross reactivity with the following core-developed assays:

Mesothelin, AFP, CA 72-4, Kallikrein 10

The antibody pair may cross react with other core-developed or commercially available assays.

Standard Curve Range: 13.7-10000pg/ml

Recovery in human serum: 90%

Sensitivity (Minimum Detectable Concentration): 102pg/ml

Intra-assay Precision: 0.7-5%

Inter-assay Precision: 6.68% (N=6)