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August 2014 - UPCI is Awarded Two New T32 Training Grants from the National Institutes of Health

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Training Grants support pre-doctoral, post-doctoral, and short-term research training experiences in specified areas of biomedical, behavioral, and clinical research. UPCI investigators were recently awarded two new T32 training grants to support pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellows in cancer-related research disciplines.

John M. Kirkwood, MD, Co-Leader of the UPCI Melanoma Program, directs the new Training Program in Skin Biology and Cancer (T32CA175294), which provides state-of-the-art interdisciplinary basic research training for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who seek a career in the strongly interwoven skin biology/skin cancer field. Specifically, this training program offers pre- and post-doctoral fellows a unique opportunity to obtain by way of molecular, immunologic, and bioengineering studies, important scientific insights into the biology of skin regeneration, inherited skin disorders, and skin cancer. Co-leaders of the T32 are Alan Wells, MD, DMSc, and Lisa Butterfield, PhD. Applicants may contact Victoria Alisasis by email at or by phone at 412-623-7708 to learn more about the program.

Jian-Min Yuan, MD, PhD, Co-Leader of the UPCI Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Program, and Lesley Butler, MSPH, PhD co-direct the new Translational Research Training in Cancer Etiology and Prevention Program (T32CA186873). This program is focused on improving cancer prevention and control by translating novel discoveries from observational studies and laboratory experiments to interventional trials in clinical and community settings. Post-doctoral fellows supported through this mechanism will be trained in understanding the role of environmental exposures and genetic and other physiological factors in the development and progression of cancer in humans. They will complete cross-disciplinary coursework in the areas of translational, observational, and interventional research and clinical trials, and will gain hands-on experience through mentored research projects. The Program Steering Committee will use the following criteria to evaluate applicants: career interests in cancer etiology and prevention research compatible with faculty interest and expertise; positive letters of recommendation; an outstanding academic record; prior publication record and other evidence of a commitment to a likely successful career in research; the ability to recognize important research problems and a demonstrated capacity to seek solutions; intellectual integrity; and enthusiasm. One of the most important criteria for acceptance will be the candidate's clear career plans and potential for independent research in an academic setting. For further information, contact Brooke Spencer, T32 Program Administrator, at or 412-864-7861.

These two recently funded T32s add to the growing list of current UPCI training grant opportunities.

July 2014 - University of Pittsburgh Mitochondria, Aging and Metabolism Work Group: Request for Pilot Proposals

The objective of the Mitochondria, Aging and Metabolism (MAM) work group is to promote the exchange of knowledge, tools, and techniques in the areas of mitochondria, aging, and metabolism. As innovative lines of investigation emerge through an increased communication of our community members, there is a fundamental need for funds dedicated to supporting the exploration of these novel research directions. To this end, through generous funding provided from UPMC, the MAM work group has established a pilot grant program in support of highly innovative, team-based, transdisciplinary, and translational science at the University of Pittsburgh.

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February 2014 - Save the Date: The 26th Annual UPCI Scientific Retreat

The 26th annual UPCI Scientific Retreat will be held at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg on June 19-20, 2014. Registration and poster abstract submission will open in May. Stay tuned for further announcements on the UPCI website.

January 2014 - Online ordering and scheduling for 3 UPCI Shared Resources is now available through iLab Solutions

A new web-based tool is now available for online ordering of products and services, and/or scheduling of equipment, for 3 of our UPCI Shared Resources. Namely, the Cytometry Facility, Lentiviral Laboratory (part of the Vector Facility), and Luminex Core Laboratory (part of the Cancer Biomarkers Facility), are now accepting orders and scheduling equipment through iLab Solutions.

There are many benefits to this new system, including the following:

  1. Log in credentials are identical to your regular Pitt username/password.
  2. Once your iLab account is set up, user information is saved in the system and can be applied across all UPCI Shared Resources within iLab.
  3. PIs can set permission levels for each lab member, i.e., so that they can only place orders with certain account numbers, with limited spending thresholds, etc.
  4. PIs can choose to receive alerts when a lab member places an order or schedules a service.
  5. Easier usage tracking and reporting for our Shared Resource Directors and UPCI administrators.

Click here to learn more about setting up your iLab account.

Click here to learn more about iLab Solutions.

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