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Shared Resource Directors

The shared resources at UPCI include state-of-the-art facilities that provide infrastructure, technology, support, and expertise to enhance basic, translational, and clinical cancer research with a goal to provide outstanding service at reasonable cost. In addition to standard service offerings, most facilities will also work with researchers to provide customized procedures as needed. Shared Resource Directors provide expert consultation and, in some cases, may participate as co-investigators on research faculty grants.

Carolyn Anderson, PhD Co-Director, In Vivo Imaging Facility (IVIF); Leader, Preclinical PET/CT Modality
Per Basse, MD, PhD, DMSciAssistant Director, Cell and Tissue Imaging Facility (CTIF), Hillman Satellite
Michael Becich, MD, PhDCo-Director, Cancer Bioinformatics Services (CIS)
Jan Hendrik Beumer, PharmD, PhDDirector, Cancer Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics Facility (CPPF)
Lisa Butterfield, PhDDirector, Immunologic Monitoring and Cellular Products Laboratory (IMCPL)
Uma Chandran, PhDCo-Director, Cancer Bioinformatics Services (CIS)
Deidre Cleary, RN, BSN, CCRCDirector, Clinical Research Services (CRS)
Rajiv Dhir, MDDirector, Tissue and Research Pathology Services (TARPS)
Albert D. Donnenberg, PhDDirector, Cytometry Facility (CF)
H. Michael Gach, PhDLeader, Preclinical MRI Modality (IVIF)
Susanne Gollin, PhD, FACMGDirector, Cell Culture and Cytogenetics Facility
Frank Jenkins, PhDDirector, Biobehavioral Medicine Facility
William LaFramboise, PhDCo-Director, Cancer Biomarkers Facility (CBF)
Anna Lokshin, PhDLeader, Luminex Platform (CBF)
Brian Miller, PharmDDirector, Investigational Drug Services (IDS)
James Mountz, MD, PhDCo-Director, In Vivo Imaging Facility (IVIF); Leader, PET/CT and Clinical MRI Modalities
Joseph T. Newsome, DVM, DACLAMDirector, Animal Facility (AF)
Daniel P. Normolle, PhDDirector, Biostatistics Facility (BF)
Marjorie Romkes, PhDLeader, Illumina Platform (CBF)
John Schmitz, PhDDirector, Translational Research Facility
Lansing Taylor, PhDDirector, Chemical Biology Facility (ChBF)
Stephen Thorne, PhDLeader, Small Animal Optical and Ultrasound Modality (IVIF)
Simon Watkins, PhDDirector, Cell and Tissue Imaging Facility (CTIF)
Nathan Yates, PhDCo-Director, Cancer Biomarkers Facility (CBF)